K-1 Cost

  • Total before naturalization: $2694 (£1580)

  • 1. Petition I-134 filing fee: $340 (£199)
  • 2. DS-156 application processing fee: $350 (£205)
  • 3. Medical Fee: £210 + vaccinations ($344)
  • 4. Adjustment of status (once in USA and married) using I-485: $1070 (£627)
  • 5. Removal of conditions (10 year green card): $590 (£346)
  • 6. Naturalization fee (after three years living in USA, with spouse, as a permanent resident, or after five years if divorced): $680 (£399)

  • Extra fees can/will come from acquiring police certificates (£35), medical records, any criminal convictions documents, specification photographs, duplicate birth certificates and so on. Postage and travel expenses (for medical and interview) are not included, and neither are flight prices or shipping costs for when you finally do move to the USA. If you retain the services of an attorney, this will also be an additional cost.

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