Saturday, 24 October 2015

And now for something completely different

Sick day chic
This would be my post-Festival survival, post-Jamaica wedding awesomeness, mid-really-quite-poorly post that I'm finding time to write because I'm on a self-imposed quarantine weekend so that I might be able to beat the cold/acute sinusitis I've been battling for the past three weeks. It's been a riot.

But seriously, what a month! October has mostly absolutely rocked, and we've not even got to 1026 yet! I started getting sick right at the beginning of the month and just put it down to a seriously crazy work environment in advance of our 40th Annual International Festival (40 years!), plus intercontinental planning of a surprise bachelorette (hen party), travel to Jamaica, and house hunting with Buddy. I also had a job interview - which I sadly didn't get, but it was still good to push myself! - so it's been a busy few weeks. As it happens, I actually left it too long for "just a cold" (doc' says after a week of no improvement with colds you should get checked out), so despite how fit and healthy I am, 2+ weeks of mucusy grossness meant I developed sinusitis which, in my professional opinion, sucks harder than a new Dyson. I'm now on 2000mg of Amoxicillin a day, which is kicking my ass, but I seem to be on the mend with 2.5 sick days and this weekend consisting of 50% sofa time and 40% bed time (the other 10% is walking the dogs and/or bathroom breaks - not simultaneously, of course).

Going to Jamaica to see my Neldie Chris marry her lovely Ryan was magical. That's probably the only word for it. I got a great, adventurous vacation with my sister/roomie, and to see one of the most important people in my life marry the most important one in hers. Below is a selection of photos from the long weekend, because I really do lack words to do the levels of joy justice.

I also got to travel abroad as a Permanent Resident for the first time ever, and used my passport and Green Card to traverse the airports of Charlotte and Montego Bay and back. I even got to use the 'U.S.' line in Customs on my return! It was really more exciting and reassuring than I had realized it would be, so that was a really nice experience.

You can see from the photos linked at the beginning of this post that the International Festival was a roaring success. Our whole office was an absolute powerhouse in the weeks leading up to the event, and there's a definite sense of accomplishment now it's done (although we're already gearing up for International Education Week in November and then the Great Decisions series next year). It's wonderful to be part of such a committed, passionate, and inclusive team.

As for the house hunt, I'll update when there's something solid about which to update! While things are certainly happening, until we have something lock, stock, and barrel, I'll be keeping schtum about our adventures in realty.

Finally, I think I achieved a necessary #BritGoal last night, as I managed to find myself meeting John Cleese and Eric Idle. I'll say that again: I met John Cleese and Eric Idle. We actually had a conversation with them, because they're real people and really rather fantastic! (Anyone who knows me knows I hate to try to meet people after shows - especially Brits. I feel like I'm asking them to work overtime, and I get super awkward and apologetic.) Jess and I went to the 'Together Again At Last... For The Very First Time' tour when it came to Charlotte yesterday and, as well as seeing 'The Penis Song', 'Bruce's Philosophers Song', and 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' live (to name a few), we got to enjoy an evening of conversation, jokes, and banter between the two Pythons, and then were lucky enough to catch John as he did a brief autograph round on his way to the tour bus, and Eric because he snuck up behind the crowd and ended up having to "shush" Jess because she almost outed him. So, I'm pretty sure we just won at life!

And that, dear readers, brings us about up to date. I shall now return to my sickness sofa, which is currently 2/3 covered by canines, and deal with this silly illness of mine. After all, 'tis but a scratch. 


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    1. Good luck with the venue hunt! :) Thanks for reading.


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