Sunday, 24 August 2014

Safety in numbers

This blog post is going to start out boring. On a scale of one to boring, it's really fucking boring. But this may be the last boring post I have to write, so bear with me, and I'll add in some less boring stuff just as soon as the boring bit is explained because, like a good deal of boring stuff, it's kind of important.

As of four days ago, we entered into the "safe" window in terms of the time I'll need to get paperwork for the USCIS if they were to send me a Request For Evidence (RFE) before the middle of November (the earliest time at which I will be able to obtain the paperwork needed for an RFE). It now no longer matters if they do send me an RFE, because I will be able to obtain the required documents within the USCIS-set 87 day limit.

This still doesn't mean I'm in the clear as such, as there is still an interview and an assessment as to my "good faith" status, but it does mean that six whole months have passed since the panic of February when I realized just how complicated things could get due to North Carolina state-specific laws. Add to that the fact that everything was bona fide, without a doubt done in good faith, and then collapsed around me beyond my control, and I'm feeling a whole lot better about bureaucracy right now. Not confident, not presuming anything, but certainly not as crappy as 24 weeks ago.

This date seemed so, so far away back in the spring. 182 days on, and today I can hardly believe I'm looking at life starting afresh. That's possibly a dramatic interpretation, but in true Rogerson style, I'm throwing a bloody big party next weekend (that has been planned since February, regardless of how August was going to be looking), to celebrate life moving on. It's time to get exuberant, however small the triumph. The numbers may have seemed insurmountable but, like so many things this past year, they have not been.

Numbers that have helped during this time have been my four amazing family members back home, my four incredible women right here in Charlotte, innumerable friends in two different countries I can consider home, two wonderful fuzzballs with whom I share my house and my walks and most of my life, and one fantastic job filled, again, with too many fantastic people to count. I may not do math very well, but these are numbers I truly understand.

This blog, then, is likely to move away from numbers and back to words. With 7.184 billion people on the planet, it's about time I got back to focusing on being among them, in a country I face not alone, but as an independent woman who's still in the first three years of living abroad. It's time for new adventures, and I for one can't wait.