Friday, 4 July 2014

We're all somewhere in the middle

Here we go...
The next phase of paperwork is done. I've submitted the I-751 (removal of conditions) with around 400 supporting documents via my attorney, my application was accepted, $590 has been taken from my checking account for the filing fee, and I've received confirmation and a letter detailing my biometrics appointment for mid-July. My right to work has thus been extended for another year and HR have updated my contract. I spent a lovely afternoon at the DMV (!) renewing my driver license this week, and am now all set until I have to file my waiver (providing the timing works out and I don't get an RFE too early). So that concludes the USCIS update. Just have to sit tight now and try not to watch the clock and/or over-think the next stages and cause myself a mild heart attack.

This is what love looks like.
In between paperwork preparation and emotional maintenance, there have been some lovely travels since I last wrote, namely visiting my wonderful MumBun (a work colleague from back home, but more than that, one of my dearest friends), as she and her husband flew to NYC and I was able to join them for a long weekend. Secondly, I took a vacation (yes! First vacation Stateside) to Wilmington, NC. The photos from the trip are here on the QE Facebook page. It was a really great experience to see another part of the state, not to mention spending some time by the water. And the dogs joined, too! They were less keen on the water... Finally, I had the huge privilege and joy of not only attending but capturing the wedding of two of my most beloved friends here, my old roomies Cathy and Brit, in Charleston, SC. The day was absolutely magical, and I couldn't be happier for them. Some of the pics are posted on the My Other Limb Facebook page, if you want to check them out!

In terms of how I am... I can't say I've been 100% (ha!). The medications I was originally prescribed caused all kinds of awful side effects, so my doctor has switched me to three different ones to try to help with depression, anxiety, and sleep issues. The former does seem to be abating, but at the cost of panic attacks and generalized anxiety being increased, oddly enough. My sleep is definitely the most improved of the three, and that's having some benefits during the day, of course. I've been struggling with self-concept, security, and my identity as a whole. I seem to fall down a lot (figuratively, though those who know me will also know I tend to also literally fall down a lot, although the two things aren't related) and I often feel lost. But this week I've been consciously trying harder to find and accept myself as I am now, and to look at the positives more intentionally as much as is possible. I'm not really sure what to say other than I cognitively know that I am very fortunate with the support and love and opportunities I have in my life, and while only I can truly help myself back to who I want to be, focusing on those things and making an effort to take the same care of myself as others do of me can only be a step forward. We'll see how things go. There is always hope.