Friday, 24 June 2011

Visa and Engagement Party

 There is so much to update on but most of it has been done on Facebook, so this is really for posterity. The first rather exciting bit of news is that the visa has been approved on the US side of the pond, so we're just waiting for it to get over here so we can book a medical and an interview. Yay! Here's a picture to prove it:

Secondly, the engagement party was an absolutely wonderful, magical day - a total success in so many ways. Our photographer has just written a blog about it, which can be read here. And below are some of her beautiful photos, which we'll upload properly once we're back in Gloucestershire.

And we're now in London, where we've been since Monday (which is when we heard about the visa and Ben  wonderfully skidded into the kitchen wall in his excitement to tell me!) after our gorgeous pre-wedding honeymoon in Rome, staying for my brother and Wren getting married on Monday and then back to the Shire in time for Macbeth in Stratford next weekend. Magical! We're having such a fabulous time.