Sunday, 17 April 2011

Suitcases of memories

So it's been another month of lightweight blogging on my part, for which I can only blame myself and the absolutely ton of preparation I've been doing in order to emigrate. I am sat at my desk on the landing, which is now looking bereft without bookcase, pictures or general decoration. About 16 bin bags have been filled with unwanted things (my wardrobe is now rather tiny!), two crates have been packed for shipping, and all 9 boxes (2 large, 3 medium, 2 small, 2 archive) have been packed for storage at the beginning of May. Below is the evidence of said efforts:

These are all now in the hands of 'Cash4Clothes' - thank you very much!

Two more of these to pack and then the shipping crates are done... 

The 9 boxes and various pieces of art work that constitute the bits of my life that will remain in the UK.

This preparation has simultaneously calmed me down and made me have moments of sudden realisation that I am actually going. This is generally a positive, exhilarated sort of feeling, which then gives me (even) more energy for the packing and organising. I have had one hiccough, right at the beginning of the week, when I randomly burst into tears (apologies to Steve, who was there!) about leaving everyone/thing in England. But it was more nerves than any real worry, as the feeling went pretty much as soon as it arrived and was soothed by simply verbalising it. I'm really pleased that that's the first time I've felt like that, as well as it being so momentary, because I genuinely do feel a profound sense of doing the "right thing" by moving to NC, as well as a combined dichotomy of emotion in being immensely excited and deeply calm all at once. It's like a scaled-down version of how I am around Ben, which actually figures, now I think about it.

So, speaking of the man himself, Ben was recently asked to write an ongoing blog about a groom's perspective on the run-up to the wedding by our wedding photographer, Courtenay, for his photography website/blog. Ben's first post can be viewed here, for those of you who weren't victims of my tagging frenzy. I'll save you from too much gushing, as I do want to have some friends left in England for when we come visit/come back, but suffice to say that Ben is a fantastic writer, and it makes me ridiculously happy to see in print how he's dealing with the planning, as well as all the discussions we have via other media.

This weekend has been filled with activities not involved with packing and leaving, and has included some MOL-ing, catching up with a zillion emails, some lovely time with Karen, Amber, Chyna and Josh, along with my parents and Jon (Amber's boyfriend) all yesterday, and is about to be added to with some standard Sunday night pub quiz antics around about now. And that, therefore, seems like a good place at which to leave this post!