Friday, 28 January 2011

When in Rome...

Hee! We've booked a honeymoon. So exciting! A week in Rome, at a gorgeous little modern hotel close to the Vatican City. The website is linked on the picture below:

So, in one month, we've done pretty well: engagement party all sorted (photographer, band, florist, dress, menu, guest book, table decorations, cake), honeymoon booked. I'd say more about the dress but (a) I don't want to give any details away to Ben; (b) I'd sound like the total girl I like to claim not to be and (c) I think it'll be better just to see it, on the day. Even for me!

In other moving-related news, I've managed to find storage and shipping for around £1000. This seems reasonable so far, although some serious financial shifts are going to have to take place if I want to have money to emigrate AND money to spend while Ben is in the UK. It's been worrying me a lot more than money would usually, probably because my perspective on it has been about feeling trapped by it (or lack of it), rather than using it as the means to be free to do what we want. It's hardly like we're struggling, but I still feel like watching every single penny is stressful, because it makes me feel guilty when I need genuinely necessary things, like food.

Speaking of genuinely necessary things, apparently I have run myself into the ground rather too much this past month and am still not over the 'flu I had just before Christmas. I say this in a slightly disbelieving tone, as I don't feel terribly ill (just tired and a bit achey in the throat department, which I assumed was from too much gabbing about my husband-to-be :D ) but, according to my doctor, it is genuinely necessary to take time off from work to rest. She diagnosed me with post-viral laryngitis and, if my voice doesn't improve, I may have to see an ENT or vocal specialist to learn how to look after it better. Today is day #1 of 5, and I am already annoying myself. I have a few things I can do around the house (like ALL the washing, changing the bed, hoovering etc.) and some preparation for moving (filing CDs, clearing out clothes I don't want, researching US wedding stuff online) but I could do those in the evenings after work, so I am going to go slightly mad with having to just sit and read/watch/listen. Having to cancel plans with friends is the biggest annoyance, or upset, seeing as how I won't be easily able to see them in just a few short months. I feel like it's a bit of a waste of time, missing opportunities and seeing people special to me. I know that, on the other hand, if the doctor is saying I need time then I should listen, and that it would be far worse to be unwell for a prolonged period, perhaps jeopardising travel plans or some other long-term arrangement. It's just frustrating. And apparently I needed to rant!

Other than this, though, everything is wonderful. Truly wonderful, and I have never been so happy. I know that I will get better, money worries will be resolved and that Ben will be here in less time than we had to wait between booking and actually meeting in NC. Three issues that will all have a happy or positive resolution, and everything else is magical. My husband-to-be is the man I know to be the love of my life, my universe and my heart. We are ridiculously blessed to have been able to meet, to find what we have in each other, to both be sure. We are further blessed by our supportive, kind and generous families, who have been, and continue to be, amazing. We will have the most fantastic celebrations in the UK, with human beings we both treasure; we will get to spend time together experiencing the world - in fact, that could just be "we get to spend time together" - and sharing it; we have such an exciting life to look forward to when we do return to the US, again with the most splendid human beings you could wish to meet. And then we have the actual wedding! So what am I moaning about?

This girl is a happy one.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Live for each second, without hesitation

Yep: I guess that's why they call it the Blues. Not that I'm really blue, I just had my first mini-weep last night about being so far away from Ben for so long. And by "first", I mean first since the the Big Flood of January 3rd, when I cried in two states, every time I took off and landed, every time I thought about the fact that it is FIVE MONTHS of time apart, every time I heard from him (to start with, at least, which was annoying as it made it hard to actually read text messages) and on and off when back on UK soil, too. It was a fun trip.

Anyway, this is supposed to be an update about wedding planning, visa applications and the more interesting side of emigrating, as opposed to the slightly emoistic, lovelorn diaries of a betrothed Brit. The first thing is, of course, that the flights are now booked. So we're going!

Eeeeeeeeee! It's so exciting. And of course, there is now the obligatory countdown feature on this blog. Ben and I are booked on the same flight, which will obviously make the world of difference, and hopefully we'll be able to sit together too.

Other than that, venue scouting in the US is happening, and we've got some really lovely places lined up. Obviously we've already sorted the photographer! The venue for the engagement party in the UK is all booked, as well as the band. Photography at the party, flowers and dresses (which I'm shopping for with my folks and Joy this weekend - yippee!) need sorting now, plus a cake, and then we might be mostly done with what we can arrange for now. Phew!

NB All wedding stuff can be found on our wedding website, which you can get to by clicking on the photo. :)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Now or never

And so it begins: the first visa form is sent off, the beginnings of a wedding plan are coming together. I am starting to realise that this is all real, and will happen (not that that wasn't apparent before, but a week of being back in the UK has been more of a distraction than confirmation, so it is only now I can sit back a little that I realise how even-more-exciting-than-initially-thought this truly is). The visa is the main sticking point, even though it is a little early to be worrying about it at this stage, as it will determine whether everything will go through stateside. For now, we'll be arranging the Blighty-bound particulars and waiting on the US Embassy's first call...